Wine & Album of the Month: Stings Wine!

Tenuta il Palagio 'Message in a Bottle' & The Police Regatta de Blanc. Yes, Sting makes a wine in Tuscany and the range is named after his various tunes. A wonderful thing about this range is the tantric-based inuendo one is afforded with the tasting notes: the finish lasts longer than Sting on a Saturday night etc etc. Also, he says himself that he sometimes site in the cellar and sings to the wine. This, and all of his wines though, are fantastic. From a terrific estate with a crack wine maker (Paolo Caciorgna), this Sangio-blend is from the already legendary 2016 vintage and is ultimate pizza & pasta fare. The greatest thing about the estate, and the man himself will enthusiastically tell you himself without irony: Sting also makes honey! To buy click here, to listen click here.