The White Station 6-Pack

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Tags: Albarino, Aligote, Alsace, Assyrtiko, Burgenland, BURGUNDY, Campania, Falanghina, France, Greece, Gruner Veltliner, Italy, Loire, Riax Baixas, Sauvignon Blanc, Spain
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Outstanding Autumnal whites, no Chardy, nothing sweet, just stellar dry whites.

Domus Vini Terre Borboniche Falanghina the South of Italy will transport you back to the Summer with layers of tropical fruits and a wave of acidity. Becoming the 'it' wine of the moment, Jean Laron Bourgogne Aligote is from Burgundy, made from Aligote, a leaner, more spritzy alternative to Chardonnay. From Austria, Holzer Zero-G Gruner Veltliner is a stellar dry white with re-appearing acidity (very Willy Wonka we know).

Lyrarakis Assyrtiko (pronounced ah-sir-tee-ko) is a stunner from the Greek island of Crete that just needs to be opened and drunk - food and friends optional! From France, Reserve Demelle Pays D'oc is a Loire style Sauvignon Blanc that will keep everyone happy. Finishing with one of our most popular wines over the last couple of years, Casa Monte Pio 'Morra o Conto' (happy-go-lucky) Albarino is simply a delight. STSWine