Camp, Hobo & Folk Machine

This is the brainchild, side job, menace to the wine industry, hedged bet, cash strain, mental anguish, late night musing, bruised hands, dirty t-shirts and constant companion of Kenny Likitprakong. Despite knowing better, he started his own label in 2002 with the simple idea to have some good fun. HOBO

Back to the future, this is what new wave is all about. HOBO refers to the fact that former skateboarder and perennial beach-sleeper-oner Kenny does not actually own a vineyard himself - also he says quite candidly that he doesn’t have any money. No money, no warehouse, no trucks, no employees, no accountants. He sources grapes from 40 different vineyards from North Coast to Mendochino. What this former beatnik (harsh) achieves accross these site and labels is simply astonishing. Despite not owning the lands, his wines are so good because of his attention to detail in the vineyard. If you have good grapes you can still fuck it up, if you have bad grapes you will never turn them into gold. These are really serious wines from a guy who does not take himself too seriously.....if he did, that would leave him less time to agonize over his fruit. STSWine