Cruse Wine Co.

Cruse Wine Co. wines express who Michael Cruse is as a winemaker. Against a landscape that often feels dominated by either top-shelf Cabernet or acidic European emulations, the Cruse wines aim to reimagine what “table wine” can be: fruity, quaffable, affordable. And more than anything, they’re intensely loyal to their California origins.” SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

These wine are just so damn cool they pracically have a beard and skinny jeans. Michael Cruse is so cool he doesn’t need a beard or skinny jeans butu he has both. A trad. meth. sparkling wine maker for a producer called Ultramarine, Michael is a self-taught sparkling wine maker. A french text by Jules Weinmanns Manuel du Travail des Vins Mousseaux first published in 1899 were the source of his expertise. There are any number of great stories about his sparkling adventures, such as the whole vintage blowing up in his house due to bad caps and a hot day, but we are concerned with own label: Cruse Wine Co. In the freakshow of label-art in this offer, Cruse Wine Co might just stand out the most. For what they are Cruse Wines are incredible value, and Cruse himself has set out to make this a corner stone of the brand. He manages to capture terroir and Californian ripeness and sunshine. While these wines would appeal natural wine chasers, they are also fanatically clean and methodical (perhaps an off-shoot of his sparkling background). Stunning and delicious. STSWine