Evening Land Vineyards

Evening Land excels with nervosité and mineralité that would not be out of place in the motherland of Burgundy. Winemaking is part of the equation here, but another is the propensity of the Seven Springs Vineyard and vine age. If Oregon can produce wines as good as Evening Land's who knows...could it be the Côte de Beaune of the New World? NEAL MARTIN erobertparker.com

The Evening Land Vineyards are exciting. It was established as the Seven Seas vineyard in 1984; one of Oregon’s most revered and coveted sites. Oregon will eventually establish itself in consumers eyes as the equal of anywhere else, but that will mean that it follows the pricing structures of the established regions. For now, it is a rare bastion of quality and value in a wine world where pricing is sadly spiralling out of control. STSWine