Clavis Orea Grand Cru St. Emillion 2016

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Red Wine /// Merlot, Franc, Cabernet // Bordeaux / Ireland
This is a modern venture: the wine making team is made up of one of the France’s best winemakers and one of France’s best sommeliers. French wine maker’s dogmatic loyalty to terroir and terroir only has led to a lack of pragmatism towards the brand positioning and product viability, an approach that is yielding great success elsewhere. 100% Merlot, it is a true representation of the Right Bank and is all Grand Cru fruit plucked from vineyards adjacent to some of St Emillion’s most famous producers; Fleur Cardinal, Peby Faugere and Pressac. Winemaker Franck Jugelman is one of the Right Bank’s most sought-after consultant oenologists. He is the former winemaker at the most famous First Growth house: Chateau Haut Brion. There is no lack of prestige here.

More classic and straight that the 2015, the 2016 Clavis Orea offers more dark fruits (with maybe hints of blue) as well as lots of flower garden, violets, and green tobacco. Beautifully elegant, silky and pure, with good acidity and terrific overall balance, it's going to benefit from short term cellaring and keep for over a decade as well. JEB DUNNUCK