Every Rosé Has it's Thorn 6-Pack 2023

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Tags: Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, France, Gamay, Grenache, Italy, Loire, Provence, Sangiovese, Spain, Trepat, Tuscany
Type: PACK

Let's get this straight. If you don't drink pink you need more fun in your life. I hear people talking about it not being a serious wine as some sort of gotcha comment - that's the bloody point of rosé! One of our favourite offers of the year is the rosé 6-Pack, because it signals Spring and Summer, it signals sunshine and mates, it signals BBQs and too many bottles being opened and at €107 reduced from €127 our Every Rosé has it's Thorn 6-Pack is a winner! 

Saint Andre de Figuiere Rosé Méditerraneé
 just screams it's midday somewhere! Rocca di Montegrossi from the estate where the recipe for Chianti Classico was coined, a 100% Sangiovese Rosato (Italian rosé) - incredible colour! Dial the style here, Soho House 'Lady A' Rose, designed by artist Damien Hirst and off a winery that boasts one of the greatest outdoor art collections anywhere in the world, this is quintessential, delicious and stylish Provence Pink.  Château Ollieux Romanis 'Capucine' is a gorgeous pink number from the South of France that fits into the dangerously smashable category.  Succes Patxanga Rosado the Spanish prefer a little more heft and structure in their rose, and it shows here, this is the one you open when there's a bit of food on the go - speshly BBQ pork ribs - yummo. Nicholas Idiart 'Esperance' Rose is the only one from rose's spiritual home and hence the only one in the famous Provence Flute. This is just busting with all the strawberries, peaches and cream charcter you know and want from Rose. When it's done, this one always sems to prompt that most common STSWine company refrain: small bottle, that.