Rocca di Montegrossi CRU VERTICAL 6-Pack

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Tags: Chianti Classico, Sangiovese
Type: PACK
Vertical: San Marcellino Gran Selezione 2013-2016 (5 vintages)
Geremia 2017

SAN MARCELLINO GRAN SELEZIONE is extraordinary. A wine made on the original site of the recipe for Chianti, it is Sangiovese with a bit of Pugnitello. It is one of Chianti Classico's most famous wines. They cellar extra ordinarily well and always score incredibly well.

2012...shows the intensity of the year in it's radient, super-rips fruit. 92 POINTS, VINOUS, 2020-2027
...a dazzling, explosive wine. 96 POINTS, VINOUS, 2020-2035
2014...the 2014 is a striking, complete wine. 94 POINTS, VINOUS, 2021-2039
2015...the 2015 San Marcellino is fabulous. 96 POINTS, VINOUS 2023-2035
2016...dense and opulent, and yet the acids pulse with energy. 95 POINTS, VINOUS, 2023-2035

GEREMIA IGT 2017 is a wine that is gaining greatly in reputation with a decade of stunning vintages - they just cannot make a bad wine. Merlot and Cabernet, it blows the so called Super Tuscans of Bolgheri out of the water. 2017 is judged to be the best yet: The 2017 Geremia is a revelation. It might be even better than the 2015 or 2016, which is saying a lot...the 2017 Geremia is a total pleasure bomb. Don't miss it. 97 POINTS, VINOUS, 2025-2042