Owner Ted Lemon could lay claim to being the original terroirist. Lemon studied French literature and was intent on becoming the new Hemingway. He travelled to France and fell into Oenology in Dijon before working for a who’s who of Nuits wine makers; Georges Roumier, Bruno Clair, De Villaine and Dujac. Lemon was the first ever American to run a Burgundy estate when he took the reins at Meursaults Roulot (aged 25). Eventually Ted returned to Cali and travelled the West coast looking for the perfect patch of land. Making wines like the ones that were available at the time was never on the radar, but neither was trying to re-create Burgundy, he wanted to grow and make wine that would show an authentic sense of place. I find it interesting that the New World wants to compare itself to the Old World all the time because its usefulness is limited. It implies the Old World is better, and the benchmark, he says. Ted is a straight talker to the point that he seems almost curt, but he is a warm and generous soul, both fascinating and funny. He has hand sold his wines from the beginning becuase in the absence of high scores or customer demand, he relied on the trade to fall in love with and push his wines. Ted also has turned his midas touch to Cntral Otago and the Burn Cottege label. he quietly remains one of the most successful and important wine makers in the world. STSWine