Food & Wine Matching I: THE BRAT PACK!

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We kick off our food and wine matching series with 6 wines to go with 6 home recipes provided by some of Dublin's hottest food industry peeps - THE BRAT PACK: Ali Dunworth, Talha of Michael's and Little Mike's, Erica Drum of Drum's Kitchen, Simon & Liz of Etto and Uno Mas, Zia Burke of Liliput Stores & Graham Rogerson of George's Fish Shop.

Langhe Barbaresco NebbioloFrench Pinot Noir1 LITRE of Portugese BagaSylvanerPortugese White and a bottle of delicious Pink Fizz Spumantemini bottle of Natterjack whiskey €115.

 Includes 15 page PDF that will form the basis of your Food & Wine Match Bible, detailing the recipes, the wines, food and wine matching as well as links to our Brat Pack and all of their associated businesses.