Rioja 6-Pack: Do the Evolution

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Tags: Grenache, RIOJA, Tempranillo
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Rioja is changing. Geographical Indicators will accompany the old crianza etc ageing model. We have 6 Rioja Reds that show the new versatility of the region - 3 trad. and 3 new wave. Included is a printed article on the changing face of Rioja.

On the old school side, a Reserva, a Crianza and a Joven..... Starting with a salt of the earth, old school Rioja from one of the regions most famous producers: Lopez Heredia Vina Bosconia 2009. This is a 96 Point whopper (James Suckling) and is structured and concentrated with already 13 years of age. Akutain Rioja Crianza 2015 is a hidden gem in the Rioja appellation and like the winery that time forgot. Super-old school but saline and refreshing, this will make you fall in love with Rioja. Lacuesta Joven Cosecha Tinto 2018 is a traditional producer and a young (Joven) juicy, unoaked style.

And the Modern...... The Rioja n' Roll collective are a group of Rioja wine makers that support the philosophy of fruit and terroir rather than oak and ageing; Artuke Maceration a bright and lifted example. El Mozo Herrigoia us ultra-mod in the fact that it uses carbonic maceration and no oak (like in Beaujolais) but it also adds in some white varieties like they did back in the day before Rioja was a thing - in this respect it's ultra-mod but also ultra old school! Bicicleta Rioja is part of the Lively Wines range made by German Blanco, prioritising fresh fruit in an ultra-modern style. These new-wave wines are full of lip smacking acidity and fresh fruits - almost too much fun to drink.

This pack lets you travel back in time and discover the Rioja of the past - legacy vines, old techniques and plots. It also lets you surf the new wave, modern, bright, funky Rioja. The illuminating printed article ties it all together - GET INITIATED! STSWine