Do the Evolution: Rioja Wine School

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Rioja is changing. Geographical Indicators will accompany the old crianza etc ageing model. We have 6 Rioja Reds that show the new versatility of the region - 3 trad. and 3 new wave. Included is a printed article on the changing face of Rioja.

Starting on the new-wave: El Mozo Herrigoia is actually made the way Rioja was made before Rioja was Rioja! A field blend of several varieties (including white Viura) thrown together and fermented by carbonic maceration, no oak - same way Beaujolais is made - it is bright and lifted. Malaspiedras Rioja is Tempranillo grown naturally at altitude to impart acidity, but with a lovely twist of oak. Insolente Graciano is a rare 100% Graciano Rioja, a grape becoming more and more fashionable in today climate.

On the old school side, a Reserva, a Crianza and a Joven..... Starting with a salt of the earth, old school Rioja from one of the regions most well known producers: Letargo Joven (young) is the entry level drink now style off younger vines. Calzados Crianza is super-old school but saline and refreshing, with a good lick of warm oak but beautifully integrated - this will make you fall in love with Rioja. Aradon Reserva 2014 is a rich, thick, aged Rioja made from the traditional blend.

This pack lets you travel back in time and discover the Rioja of the past - legacy vines, old techniques and plots. It also lets you surf the new wave, modern, bright, funky Rioja. The illuminating printed article ties it all together - GET INITIATED! STSWine