Rioja Vs. Priorat: Clash of the Titans 6-Pack

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Tags: Carignan, Grenache, Priorat, RIOJA, Tempranillo
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This week we have something befitting of the murky weather and hour change. The top of Spain's wine classification is DOC, and there are only 2 regions that have the honour: the very familiar RIOJA DOC and the less familiar PRIORAT DOQ (DOQ is the Catalan iteration). Both regions craft powerful expressions where barrel ageing has been a keystone of the style for many years. Rioja have the Crianza etc model of age classification that is now alongside a geographical recognition (because after all, anyone can make a Gran Reserva, you just need space, time and oak). The region is modernising. Priorat is a funny one as while Rioja has been a totem in the wine world for as long as there has been a wine world, Priorat was barely a footnote in Wine books of the 90's. No region on earth has experienced such a meteoric rise, with such an interesting back story. 

Our Rioja trio mixes modern and old school. Remelluri is ancient and was the first to make a single vineyard wine, their 'San Vicente Village 2018' is a grows wine, a stellar offering that always scores highly in the press. Oliviere Riviere 'Rayos Uva' is the entry wine from our favourite Rioja producer at the moment, almost Burgundian (funny that) in style, fresh, juicy, long. Palacios Remondo 'La Vendimia' is pound for pound one of the best value wines on the planet by the master Alvaro Palacios. One the Priorat side; Alvaro Palacios Camins del Priorat is perhaps the most famous example, and an amazing old school introduction to the region. Portal del Priorat Gotes is a new-age example, using old (80 year old) vines but aiming to capture a fresh and elegant style. Lastly, THE producer of the now, Terroir al Limit's Històric Negre is unbridled Priorat, wine at it's basic and most beautiful - Priorat unplugged.