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Testalonga Baby Bandito Keep on Punching 2017

Testalonga Baby Bandito Keep on Punching 2017

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White Wine /// Chenin Blanc // Swartland / South Africa
Independent. Uncompromising. Cool. Natural. Challenging. Brave. Delicious. Craig Hawkins is the King of natural wines in South Africa. Without sacrificing any cleanliness or experiencing any barnyard odour that many of his natural wine making peers experience, his are just delicious, but also fascinating. The labels are works of art. Photo of a beautiful little Vietnamese girl on the label that Craig took. STSWine

Love this unusually flowery review from an obviously bamboozled Jancis Robo:

This pale, cloudy, lemon-coloured wine smells of fresh sage and cold wet stones and just-melted candle wax. It’s bone dry and nervy light, almost trembling like butterfly wings in the wind. Yet the acidity is incredible: steel-wire taut and coursing through the palate with relentless determination. It tastes of dry hay and lemon rind, white currants and stone dust. Linear and yet restless, weightless and yet unshakeably present. At just 12%, one might assume this is an easy quaffer, but in the style of Edith Piaf and true to its name, there is a lot of punch in this little frame. If you strongly dislike ‘natural’ wine, then this might be one you could warily approach. It’s unconventional, but not bizarre. It’s not cidery or flat and doesn’t taste oxidised. If you layer Jura with Savennières with uber-dry Mosel, you get something of the spirit of the wine. JANCIS ROBINSON
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