Rosé Station 6-Pack 2022

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Tags: Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, France, Gamay, Grenache, Italy, Loire, Provence, Sangiovese, Spain, Trepat, Tuscany
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Time to drink pink! If you don't like Rosé you probably need more fun in your life. It is a simple, frivilous drink, great in the sun, great with lunch and great in a multitude of styles. We reckon this year's 6-Pack is the best one yet.

STUDIO By Miraval is the newish wine by Brangelina's label in Provence. The OTT bottle and pretentious name does not beleager what is a stunning Rosé. Beautiful colour, red berry fruit, racy acidity. 91 points from Decanter Magazine.

The must have wine - Figuiere Mediterranee Rosé's label alone is enough to make you reach for the sunscreen and beachball and head to the coast to feel the sand between your toes. It's made with traditional Provence Rosé varieties - it is taut and fresh. Yum.

Nicolas Idiart 'Esperance' Rosé is absolutely busting with peaches and cream character with a colour to die for. The only one in a traditional Provence-style flute, why does these bottles disappear so quick? Dangerously smashable wine.

Bibi Graetz brings us Bollamatta NV (meaning crazy bubble - and it's crazy fun to drink). From Florence, made with Sangiovese this gorgeous pink fizz has a prickly, refreshing bubble that means it is good before, after or without food. This is a party starter.

Moving to the Loire Valley, Guy Allion 'Chant de Lune' is made from low-yielding Gamay vines. This has the same lightness of touch and colour but brings a savoury edge to proceedings, offering a point of difference to the Provence style.

Succes Patxanga stole the show for us last year, we just didn't get enough of it. From Conca de Barbera in Spain, this is a super unusual but gluggable wine made with the Patxanga grape. STSWine