Hakutsuru Sayuri 700ml

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300ml Rice Wine /// Rice Koji // Rokko / Japan
This even just looks beautiful! Sayuri means 'little lily' in Japanese language. Hakutsuru's Sayuri is a coarse-filtered sake of Japanese origin. This pure alcoholic rice wine is prepared from selected rice and rice koji, by brewing them up with the natural water of Rokko. It has a refreshing aroma, natural sweetness and smooth aftertaste. 

House of the Rising Sun Cocktail Recipe
Combine 60ml of Hakutsuru Sake, 60ml of Cranberry Juice, 60ml of Orange Juice & 30ml of Peach Schnapps with ice in a cocktail shaker.
Shake and serve with or without ice depending on your taste, in glassware of your choice. STSWine