Alvaro Palacios 'Camins del Priorat' 2017

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Red Wine /// Garnacha // Priorat / Spain
Pick up any wine atlas, encyclopaedia or reference from the 80's and Priorat will hardly get a mention. Now it is one of only two appellations in Spain to have DOC status, the highest designation (the other is Rioja). What a magnificent introduction to Priorat this is. Garnacha dominant with some International varieties, year after year this is one of the best put together wines of the vintage. Stunning. It is made by Spain's greatest living winemaker Alvaro Palacios. STSWine

Alvaro’s wines have built a formidable reputation with prices to match, fortunately, he pays as much attention to quality at the lower end of his range: a bottle bearing his name must meet his exacting standards. ROBERT PARKER