Jean Foillard Morgon ‘La Classique’ 2017

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Red Wine /// Gamay // Beaujolais / Morgon
...the intense emotion Jean Foillard's Morgon suddenly produced in me; at the same moment, I was suddenly hit by an overwhelming sense of rootedness. The Foillards seemed, for a few moments, like their own vines, anchored in the Côte de Py, belonging to it, exploring it for a short lifetime, before their own children arrived, and their children's children, and so on, like another line of toy soldiers, marching off into the future...”


The above is a perfect example of the neurotic twaddle that producers like Foillard illicit in wine geeks such as myself. Foillard, the Master of Morgon is worth all this pretentious praise. Nobody hones the terroir so simply and as successfully. The wine is spellbinding and pure but just utterly delicious and fun to drink. He is Beaujolais’ best producer (few would argue with this) and his entry level wine sits here at €25. Cannot be beat. STSWine.