Simply put this is TOP OF THE ROCK - the best wines. Isn’t it funny how when you get the the Top of the Rock you are faced with similar options as when you started;

There are 2 options with 3 & 3 Reds & Whites (or straight Red or White):

Stylish, incisive & elegant, 
has steely Chablis, juicy Chenin Blanc & savoury Arneis along with Langhe Nebbiolo, a Californian Bordelaise hommage & an intriguing Spanish field blend

Showy, powerful & long, features complex Chenin, a mystical White from Tuscany, Oregon Chardonnay, serious modern Rioja, peppery Syrah & a Super Tuscan.

NEW OPTION! The Alt. White 6-Pack. These are through the looking glass white wines (and orange wines) built for sipping, pondering and an adventerous soul!

Here is some information on the wines. Click the links to take your to further areas of interest on the STSWine network.

Stylish, Incisive & Elegant:

Wine: Folk Machine Chenin Blanc
Coutry, Region: California, USA
Grape:  Chenin Blanc

A Chenin from Kenny Likitptrakong, the maestro of California and owner of the world first net zero winery. This is French in style, aged in neutral oak before being racked back into stainless steel for freshness and purity. This is a stunning example - check out our terrific Kenny L 6-Pack, click HERE.

Wine: Eleonor Moreau Chablis
Coutry, Region: Chablis, France
Grape:  Chardonnay

To the steely Chardonnay of Chablis. Chablis is the satelitte region to Burgundy producing only Chardonnay. The most famous producer is William Fevre, we have collectors items from that house HERE.

Wine: Gabriele Scaglione 'Ostinatamente'
Coutry, Region: Piedmont, ITALY
Grape: Arneis
A highly textured Italian white made from Arneis, meaning little rascal in Piedmont dialect (because it is hard to grow - ostinatamente means stubborn). Savoury & almost peppery, one to have with food. Great 6-Pack of his HERE.

Wine: Gabriele Scaglione Langhe Nebbiolo
Coutry, Region: Piedmont, ITALY
Grape:  Nebbiolo

The king of Italian grapes Nebbiolo, reponsible for the famous expressions of Barolo & Barbaresco, this is robust but ethereal and deep and elegant. Great 6-Pack of his HERE.

Wine: Camp Merlot
Coutry, Region: California, AMERICA
Grape:  Merlot

"If anyone orders Merlot, we're leaving, I will NOT drink any fucking Merlot". That Sideways quote really kicked poor Merlot's ass. Merlot is a great modern grape, adding aroma and plushness, but not astringency and tannin. It needs to be in good hands though, as it is here with Kenny. Yummo. Kenny pack found HERE.

Wine: Cume do Avia Colheita 7 Tinto
Coutry, Region: Terre Alta, SPAIN
Grape: Garnacha

Indigenous red Galician varietals bring an elegance of red and black berried aromas. The palate has a mouthwatering acidity and soft tannin. While, the long finish showcases baking spices and fresh herbs.

Showy, Powerful & Long

Wine: Vieux Pressoir Chenin Blanc
Coutry, Region: Loire, FRANCE
Grape:  Chenin Blanc

uper cool Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley. Chenin is a chameleon, it can come in a variety of weights and textures, this has good freshness and a nice roundness, formerly an uncool region, (check out our Make Loire Great Again, click HERE)

Wine: Bibi Graetz Scopeto
Coutry, Region: Tuscany, ITALY
Grape:  Chardonnay

Bibi Graetz is the eccentric artist turned wine maker, based in Tuscany and on the mystical island of Giglio, where he has resurrected the ancient grape Ansonica. Mixed with Vermentino from nearby island of Argentario. There are very few wines around like this.

Wine: Evening Lands Chardonnay
Coutry, Region: California, AMERICA
Grape: Chardonnay

This takes off on a sprint— reflecting focused picking decisions and long élevage for a wine that races across the palate, then lingers on savory elements. It’s lifted from the get-go, with a sharp lemony scent framed by leesy notes that are slightly and pleasingly sour. The citrus notes deepen on the palate, the flavors of orange and lemon peel joining the lemon-lime vibes, all of it in the light grip of phenolics. 93 POINTS, WINE AND SPIRITS

Wine: Aradon Graciano
Coutry, Region: Rioja, SPAIN
Grape:  Graciano

Really pure and expressive, a variety that is native to Rioja and a style of wine that is gaining in importance in the region - wild, untamed and pure. All hand picked grapes from altitude to impart freshness.

Wine: A Pessiou
Coutry, Region: Rhone, FRANCE
Grape:  Syrah
A luscious Syrah from the south of France that's made from older, 30 year old vines. The yields are low at harvest and all the fruit is hand-harvested and minimally sulphured. The resulting wine is nothing short of stunning with black fruit aromas, peppercorn alongside great structure. Partially aged in old casks before bottling.

Wine: Bibi Graetz Grilli
Coutry, Region: Tuscany, ITALY
Grape: Cab Franc, Merlot, Syrah

Terrific Super Tuscan from the famous and eccentric artist turned wine maker Bibi Graetz. It is very modern in style with 60% Cabernet, 20% Merlot and 20% Syrah. Lovely big palate back by terrific acidity. This will keep for a good while if you want but will drink really well now with either a good ragu or ribs, burgers and char on the BBQ. If you loved it there is a deal on it HERE.

We hope you enjoyed the selections and we have equipped you with the tools you require to move forward and identify further areas of investigation - if you have ANY queries please do not hesitate to contact me! 

Rory Craig

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