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STATION SAYS: What is going on with all this Rosé? We get it. It’s fun. We recommend looking beyond France and Provence as there is too much average and overpriced instagram wine being produced there - you can much bilge water that lovely shade of salmon if you want. Spain and Italy are both making lovely wines (named Rosado and Rosato respectively).You can make Rosé with any red grape - all red grapes juice runs clear, the wine is basically blushed with the skins to give it that colour.

When you buy Champagne you are mostly paying for marketing to back up the house style that the producer is attempting to execute - Moet make 32 million bottles a year. We like Grower Champagne, where all of the fruit is estate grown and the wine is made in a accordance with the vintage and the conditions - their production is generally 100,000 or less. We do have a penchant for Bolly, as does James Bond and our Drinking with Bond feature can be found HERE.