If you’ve arrived at THE GOOD STUFF, you are starting to soar on your wine journey, or else you just appreciate the finer things, either way you should be excited as things start to get pretty interesting now.

There are 2 options: Classical, Familiar & Mono-varietal kicks the quality up a gear from the classics, featuring Chenin Blanc, Sancerre style Sauv, Albarino, Malbec, Northern Rhone Syrah and a Cali. Cabernet. Modern, Interesting & a bit Rock n Roll includes a couple of blends in a Northern Italian white, and an Argentinian wine made in a big concrete egg as well as a intro Orange wine from Spain, the reds are all rock n’ roll in packaging and feel!

Here is some information on the wines. Click the links to take your to further areas of interest on the STSWine network.

Classical, familiar & Mono-varietal:

Wine: Pressoir Saumur Blanc Elegance
Region, Country: Loire Valley, France
Variety: Chenin Blanc

Super cool Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley. Chenin is a chameleon, it can come in a variety of weights and textures, this has good freshness and a nice roundness, formerly an uncool region, (check out our Make Loire Great Again, click HERE)

Wine: Les Deux Moulins 
Region, Country: Loire Valley, France
Variety:  Sauvignon Blanc

A textural Sauvignon Blanc, more in the Sancerre style than the Marlborough style, really good minerality and icy acidity. (Check out our Life After Marlborough 6-Pack, click HERE)

Wine: Pio Monte Raxeira 
Region, Country: Galicia, Spain
Variety:  Albarino
Albarino has taken over the world of white wine. Super popular, it seems to keep everyone happy whether they're in the Sauv OR Chardy camps. Also from Galicia, we predict Godello will be the next it grape. (To view our Galician Godello 6-Pack click HERE)

Wine: Finca Lalande 
Region, Country: Mendoza, Argentina
Variety:  Malbec

Who doesn't like a big Argentinian Malbec? The best examples come from high altitude areas in Mendoza, Argentina's premier area for the grape. Finca Lalande Bousquet is the largest producer of Organic Malbec in the world. (It recently featured in Monopole, to view click HERE)

Wine: Julien Cecillon Graviers 
Region, Country: Northern Rhone, France
Variety:  Syrah

The Rhone Valley is split into 2. Northern Rhone, focuses on Syrah, and features famous appellation names such as Hermitage & Cote Rotie. Southern Rhone focuses on Grenache-led blends and includes famous appellation names such as Cotes-du-Rhone and Chateauneuf-du-Pape. 

Wine: Viano Vineyards 
Region, Country: San Francisco, USA
Variety:  Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon from San Francisco. Viano are a family business and were one of the first to settle in the area. They are now one of the last producers in the region, producing meaty, leathery, chewy US Cab. Sauv. For an intro to American wine, click HERE.

Modern, Interesting & a bit Rock n Roll

Wine: Stocco 'Sericus'
Region, Country: Friuli, Italy
Variety:  Blend

This is terrific wine, Sericus means silky or made of silk. It is a blend of Fruilano, Malvasia & Chardonnay with a dash of Sauvignon. A super blend, it takes on characteristics from each of it's components.

Wine: Vinilo Bianco 
Region, Country: Mendoza, Argentina
Variety:  Chenin & Chardonnay
Chardonnay, Chenin and a little Sauv. all coked together in a big concrete egg! There is a certain chalkiness that comes with the green egg, along with razor sharp acidity, but a bit of roundness and depth - really interesting wine.

Wine: Sucess Vinacola Experienca
Region, Country: Conca de Barbera, Spain
Variety:  Paralleda

It is very rare to find this variety. Paralleda is one of the three traditional varieties used in Cava. Here is is made as an orange wine, that is a white wine made with skin contact. Modern Spain indeed.

Wine: Uva Non Grata 
Region, Country: Beaujolais, France
Variety:  Gamay

What a banger of a wine! You may have an idea that Gamay is a lightly coloured, light in body, but this shows that it is capable of having great body, bags of fruit and minerality. Cool packaging. This wine will be gone within 30 minutes of opening! If you are looking for some really serious Bojo, check out Daniel Bouland HERE and Chateau Thivin HERE.

Wine: Frisach l'Abrunet 
Region, Country: Terra Alta, Spain
Variety:  Garnacha

This Catalan hero is wild, untamed Garnaxta, it is brimming with fruit and minerality, bio-dynamically made and a perfect example of the modern wine craze sweeping Spain at the moment. So Incredibly drinkable.

Wine: Amiel Sous le Manteau 
Region, Country: Languedoc, France
Variety:  Syrah, Merlot,Grenache

Domaine des Amiel are a rare bio-dynamic and Rock n Roll producer based in Languedoc. Label refers to the fact they may have released the initial wine before they were allowed. Now heralded as the regions premier natural wine makers, this is a Merlot, Syrah Grenache blend.

We hope you enjoyed the selections and we have equipped you with the tools you require to move forward and identify further areas of investigation - if you have ANY queries please do not hesitate to contact me! 

Rory Craig

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