Chianti Classico 6 Villages 6-Pack

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Tags: Chianti Classico, Sangiovese
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Explore Chianti Classico with 6 of the leading producers from the region's 6 major villages. All from the mega 2019 vintage these wines showcase the different characteristics, terroirs and souls of each village. 2019 is a robust vintage that will certainly award time lying down - all could be rested if you can resist.

Fontodi - from Greve, the producer that simply cannot make a bad wine, for our money consistently the greatest pound for pound producer.
Rodano - straight as an arrow year after year, unoaked and fermented in cement and steel for steely purity, Berberino Tavernelle village
Isole e Olena - possibly the most famous Classico from certainly the most famous producer Paolo di Marchi in Castellina.
Rocca di Montegrossi - from the site where the original recipe for Chianti was coined in Gaoile, this is robust and deep.
Felsina - the furthest South in Castelnouvo Bardenega, this is rustic and rugged Sangiovese from Felsina.
Poggio Bonelli - straddling Radda & Castlenuovo, this is a rustic and pure Sangio.

The variations in aspect, soil, altitude make the rolling hills of Tuscany as terroir-reactive as Barolo & Burgundy. School's in! STSWine