Artuke Rioja 'N' Roll Intro 6-Pack

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Tags: RIOJA, Tempranillo
Type: PACK

3 x Artuke Maceration 2021 (Regional)
2 x Artuke Pies Negros 2020 (Village)
1 x Artuke Finca de Los Locos 2019 (Single Vineyard Premier Cru)

Rioja 'n' Roll is a small group of wine makers in Rioja focusing on single site specificity & terroir rather than oak ageing and winemaking. Artuke are part of this collective and they are offering some of the most exciting wines in the region. 

They have left the Rioja appellation, forsaking the Crianza etc catagorisation in favour of a terroir-led, single site classification model like Burgundy: Regional, Village, Premier Cru, Grand Cru.

This pack contains 3 of their Regional, 2 of their Village and one of their Premier Cru. Forget oak and oxidative ageing, these wines are about purity, freshness and focus. STSWine