AUSTRENAISSANCE: Chardonnay 6-Pack: 95-98 PTS ONLY

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95, 96, 96, 98, 98, 98 POINTS

These are absolute whoppers. Australian Chardonnay has risen to the standard of White Burgundy at its best. Finally it seems to be getting its kudos in the press as Decanter, Wine and Spirits, Enthusiast and all the rest sem to be catching up. This 6-Pack contains totemic producers from four regions; Giant Steps is from Yarra Valley, Victoria. Shaw & Smith is from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, Tolpuddle is Tasmania and the famous Cullen Kevin John is from Margaret River.

One of each of the wines: Giant Steps Wombat Creek & Sexton Vineyard, Shaw & Smith M3 & Lenswood, Tolpuddle & Kevin John Chardonnay.

These are the highest pointed/best vintage of each wine available. With notes on each of the wines, the reviews, the regions and the story of Aussie Chardonnay.