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Barolo has overtaken Bordeaux and Burgundy in recent years as the pinnacle of sophistication and collectability in wine. 100%, it must be aged 3 years before release, and while it will stand up to extended cellaring (like the legendary 2016 vintage we did a couple of years ago), sometimes it is ready to go. Not only is 2018 a ready to go vintage, it is recommended that you DRINK NOW!

The corollary of a drink now vintage in Barolo often means that producers will declassify the fruit from their top vineyards. To make more of their flagship entry wine. This is the case here with Trediberri, who have combined their Cru vineyard holdings and Barolo into Del Commune Di La MorraMassolino have also sunk their considerable Cru holdings into their one, flagship wine. Rocche Costamagna in 2018 have bolstered their reputation for best bang for buck in Barolo with their 2018, while G.B. Vajra have done the same with their rep for innovation with their Albe Barolo. We also have 2 Cru wines from our favourite producer Guido PorroSanta Caterina & Lazzairasco. We have 'em in a 6-Pack with 10% OFF. STSWine