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Tags: Beaujolais, Gamay
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Starting at the lighter & brighter end of the Beaujolais spectrum, Maison Coquard '69' is a lively jump of point for Gamay. Chateau Thivin 'Gamay Noir' is a suprisingly structured entry level offering from one of the regions most famous producers. Domaine Plaigne from Gilles & Cecile Roux is grown at a bit of altitude on granite for extra racy acidity.

The following 3 would all be in contention for our red wine of the year. Moving up through the Crus of Beaujolais; Didier Desvignes Fleurie is striking for its balance and poise - a gorgeously scented wine with depth and length. Jean-Claude Lapalau Broilly is one of the most famous wines in the region, matching rusticity and minerality, a searingly pure expression. La Souer Cadette Julienas is a beautiful wine from the wine maker's winemaker Jean Montanay.

This is your chance to fall in love with Gamay. STSWine