Bodegas Aradon 6-Pack: Transitional Rioja

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Bodegas Aradon is a very interesting producer as they use ultra sophisticated and modern techniques alongside the old ways. This includes satellite mapping of their vineyard space to assist in getting the ripest plots, something we have seen used in Australia, but not so much in Europe. They also make a varied range of old school Crianza etc wines as well as some terroir wines. 

Aradon Tinto is a Joven style old school wine. Momento is a terroir wine made from 70% Tempranillo. Aradon Crianza is a traditional Rioja, rustic and oaky. Calzados is Crianza style, but terroir-led, deep and concentrated. Aradon Reserva is an aged ultra-trad example and the last is a highly unusual mono-varietal Graciano wine, verty rarely seen. STSWine