Bodegas Aradon: Modern Rioja 6-Pack

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Tags: Grenache, RIOJA, Tempranillo
Type: PACK
3 x Tinto, 1 x Crianza, 1 x Calzadas, 1 x Momento

Bodegas Aradon is a modern gem in Rioja. The vineyards are at altitude, creating racy freshness in the wine. Many vines are old or ancestral (up to 90 years) resulting in pure luxurious fruit. They use ultra-modern satellite mapping to harvest at the perfect moment. 

TINTO is the Joven (young) entry point, 90% Tempranillo bursting with red and blue fruit and a slightly wild character. MOMENTO is 70% Tempranillo, made as a snapshot in time of their vineyards, somewhere between Tinto & Crianza. CALZADAS similar to Momento, but somewhere in between Crianza & Reserva, with a little more age for depth & complexity. Finally something more traditional; the CRIANZA is also 90% Tempranillo matured in American and French oak for that familiar Rioja flavour that is so popular. STSWine