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3 x Buil & Gine 'GINÉ GINÉ' 2020
3 x Buil & Gine 'JOAN GINÉ' 2017
I visited Buil & Gine some years ago during a trip to Priorat. Having spent the day before with Alvaro Palacios (now there's a back door brag if I ever saw one), my expectations for the appointment were reasonably limited. I was, and remain incredibly impressed. The winery is like a Bond villains lair, and they make utterly authentic and pure Priorat wines that reek of the unique licorella schist terroir and shimmer with the vibrant acidity that the best examples achieve (not least Alvaro). We have special pricing on these arnacha & Carignan beauties - 3 to drink and 3 to cellar (but can drink now).

GINÉ GINÉ is the entry point and a magnificent into to licorella wine (it even mentions it on the label under the name. Licorella as mentioned, is the unique schist terroir of the region. It imparts a unique fragrance only found in Priorat, and it requires the vines to dive deep in search of water. The wines are concentrated and lush, the entry level is matured in stainless steel. JOAN GINÉ is their top wine, matured 2 years in French and American oak and held back 4 further years before release, it (though primal and rugged) can be drunk now, but this wine seriously rewards cellaring time - since its already got 6 on it, this is a great proposition. STSWine