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We are very, very, very excited about our new arrival. We have brought in a salt of the earth producer from the wine world's most misunderstood area of production: Germany. These are all single vineyard wines made from certified organic grapes. This is boutique wine, and the pricing is unreal. 

Stop everything and behold 
Spatburgunder (Spat-burgun-der), Germany's answer to Pinot Noir and undoubtedly one of the most exciting commercial prospects in the world of wine - a world increasingly devoid of exciting new prospects. The quality has never been better and we have a fabulous one from Germany's CARL KOCH. Like standard Pinot, it is very low in tannin, the relatively cool climate contributes both to a lower alcohol and in the best cases such as this a razorsharp acid profile. We also have some of his fantastic Riesling. No variety is more pontificated about by insufferable wine geeks (your truly being firmly in this category) and no variety is more misunderstood, but you should drink more Riesling! Carl Koch Sacktraeger Riesling Trocken is a really serious, serious example. It has killer chalky minerality with an explosive lick of acidity before layers of fruit start, it is bone dry at 12% abv. It's got an unctuous, oily feel even though its generally described as a wine thats lighter in body.