Celler del Roure New Release 6-Pack

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The renaissance in Spanish wine has been super charged in the last 15 years. It is so interesting becuase these modern wines are based on ancient varieties and techniques. CELLER DEL ROURE is one of our favourites. Based in Valencia, they use ancient amphorae to make their wine. Mimicking the maturation effects of barrel-ageing without adding oak flavour or de-acidifying the wine, these renewed amphorae are part of a process of cultural renovation and rediscovery.

These wines will be very familiar to most at this stage. This is my favourite release so far, the wines have just landed. CULLEROT is a whole galaxy of native white varieties, mixed depth and texture with racy acidity. VERMELL is the flagship red made from Mando, with a bit of Garnacha Tintorera. It is a hugely accomplished release and certainly the best I have tasted. SAFRA goes up a gear - an incredibly enigmatic nose and elegance, an utterly spellbinding wine. If you know these wines you will be clicking immediately, if you don't - do yourself a favour!