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Chardonnay 6-Pack

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Are you ABC? Anything but Chardonnay seems daft to us. We are crazy about this white grape. What is the greatest thing about Chardonnay? It is a chameleon. Whether you like 'em lean and clean or fat and heavy, this pack has it all. Skalli Chardonnay 2017 from the Languedoc is clean and clinically simple, showcasing fruit over all else. Domaine Nugues Beaujolais Villages 2017 walks the same line and shows beatiful clarity. From Chablis, Domaine Fevre 2018 showcases that inimitable Chardonnay style that is imparted by the unique soil of the region. Philippe Milan Rully 2015 is from Meursault and has a full-figured style that has made the region so famous. Robert Denogent Macon Chardonnay shows a slightly riper and richer style, without becoming oaky and buttery. Moving to the new world, Camp Chardonnay is from California and is made but former beatnik and skate punk Kenny Likitprakong, it is lean and minerally and not a traditionally styled Cali Chardonnay. STSWine