Claus Preisinger 'THE WORKS' 6-Pack

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CLAUS PREISINGER'S wines were one of the revelations of last year for us. Located in Burgenland, all of the wines are bio-dynamic, indigenous yeast, no fining, no filtration, little or no sulphur, and most importantly - NO BARNYARD SMELL! He may be Austria's most celebrated so-called natural wine maker, but these are just deadly, drinking wines. Balanced, bright, intense, juicy, low alcohol and racy. They're all made from unpronouncable indignous varieties.

PUSZTA LIBRE is a deadly field blend of everything, made in a glou glou (glug glug) style. KALSTEIN is made from Blaufränkisch and is more lush and juicy, while KIESELSTEIN is made from Zweigelt and is more taut and minerally. KALUNDKIESEL is an awesome white blend made from Weissburgrunder, Gruner, Muskatekller and Welschriesling - smoky and complex but zippy and refreshing at the same time. KALKUNDIESEL KKR adds a bit of Pinot and power to the blend and our our favourite BONSAI is a single vineyard Blaufränkisch and our favourite - it is striking but elegant. These wines absolutely fly when drunk with a slight chill - perfect for this time of year. STSWine