Hidden Gems of Italy 6-Pack

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Most wine fans and certainly Italian Wine fans will have heard of Pinot Grigio, Vermentino, Sangiovese & Nebbiolo. You can't swing a cat in Italy without hittting a vineyard though, and over 3,000 cultivars of grape are made into wine, this 6-Pack has a few varieties and expresions that are off the beaten track. 2 whites come from each end of the country: from the North, Stocco 'Gleris' FRUILANO is a beautiful, textured white from Friuli, while Caruso & Minini 'Zoli' INZOLIA is a racy dry white from Sicily.

Grom the North, Gandin Filare Rosso is a a traditional blend led by REFOSCO, it is big and juicy with a great line of acid owing to the cool climate. Scala Ciro Rosso is from Calabria and is naturally made with the mystical old variety GAGLIOPPO. Light in structure and very light in colour, it offers up surprising depth and complexity. Moving further South to Puglia, Ottantotto PRIMITIVO is the ancient Italian iteration of what is known as Zinfandel now (though much drier and rustic than the American expression). Finally from Campania, Bienventano AGLIANICO is the South's answer to both Barolo & Amarone, long, showy and powerful. STSWine