Gabriele Scaglione 6-Pack: All Red Double Barolo & Langhe

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2 x Langhe 2019 / 1 x Langhe Rosso 2015 / 1 x Barbaresco 2018 / 2 x Barolo 2016
Gabriele Scaglione makes ultra pure, ultra authentic and ultra delicious wine from traditional Piredmont varieties and methods. Wines that are above repproach, pure and authentic with low intervention with a saavy and slick offering in terms of a marketable proposition - each of the wines is charmingly named, Passeggiando in Vigna (walking in the vineyards). They communicate terroir, these are gastronomic wines, terrific with food and particularly regional Northern Italian wine, their stylish elegance means they are drinkable whenever.

Passegiando in Vigna 
is a salt of the earth Langhe Nebbiolo. Tutto dipende da dove vuoi andare adds Barbera for a Langhe Rosso blend, softer and richer, with some extra elevage in oak. Stunning BARBARESCO; Come un volo from Treisa, Barbaresco. BAROLO Passione di Re is a beautifully fragrant Barolo from La Morra and comes from the stand alone vintage of 2016. INCLUDES STSWine DEEP DIVE NOTES.