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One of Each: The Bench Syrah / Sonoma Coast Syrah / Armagh Vineyard Syrah / Sonoma Hillsides Syrah 

Pax Mahle is the leading prognisticator of Syrah in California. Pax and his wife Pam prioritise the vineyard and the soil above all else, favouring cooler sites to achieve more freshness, elegance and perfume. They are incredibly loyal to a pure and traditional vision of Syrah and they balance structure and fruit composition perfectly. Most of all, and like all our American guys - NO ADDITIONS!

'The Bench' Syrah is from a vineyard they have started working over the last couple of years, light to mid-weight with an almost puckering acidic profile. Three marquee Syrahs show different sides: Sonoma Coast is an exposed site that has been sweetly touched by the bush fires that ravaged the area - the smoke sent folds into the smoky bacon and oak in the wine. Syrah Armagh Vineyard is a little something special that was only available cellar door until we convinced him to give us some. Sonoma Hillsides is the wine that netted Pax a cool 100 Point score from Vinous. There are only tiny quantities of these stunning Syrah available. STSWine