Copy of Produtorri del Barbaresco THE RISERVA WORKS 6-Pack

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Tags: Nebbiolo, Piedmont
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This is a truly incredible story and producer. Barbaresco previously grew Nebbiolo for it's exalted sibling Barolo. Dominizo Cavazza, a head of the school of oenology felt that the Nebbiolo in Barbaresco was every bit as good and should be recognised as such. He gathered by the best growers and they made wine together as the Cantine Social. The operation was shut down when Facism took hold. In the 50's in the face of great hardship and poverty, the local priest in Barbaresco revitalised Cavazza's model as the only way these farmers could survive. 1958 was the first vintage (making this release their 60th anniversary). The rest is history. This is an absolute benchmark producer.

1 of each of: The entry point is the 
Langhe 2020 and it utilises fruit from the best parcels available to make a representation of Langhe Nebbiolo, expressive of the vintage. The flagship wine is the Barbaresco 2018 and like several of the Baroli featured last week, the top vineyards have been declassified to make just one wine. It is absolutely stellar and befitting of what is the 60th vintage anniversary. There are 4 Riservas: The Riserva Cru Rio Sordo is our favourite (we love it becuase of how elegant, stylish, silky and polished it is). Ovello, Montestefano & Muncogota are all incredible too and there is nothing to put between them. Powerhouses that will cellar for decades to come. STSWine