Vilmart & Cie 'Coeur de Cuvee' 2015

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Type: Bottle / Champagne

Couer de Cuvee refers to the heart of the press - that is the liquid gold, very first bit of juice that comes from the first pressing of the fruit. 6 or 7 years on lees and oak, 60 year old vines - this beats Dom Perignon and Cristal out the gate. STSWine

The vintage 2015 was an incredible vintage, we had simultaneously high temperatures and very low rainfall during a good part of the vegetative phase of the vine. In Autumn, it was very mild, the mildest in over 20 years. But in August, it was very sunny like in 2003. We have not been victim of any disease whether it is mildew, oidium or any other. We began the harvest on the 10 September, The grapes had a beautiful maturity with no rot and perfect sanitary condition. I could say, the vintage could perhaps be compared to 2013, for the maturity and the structure. Although, of course 2013 was a late harvest in october and 2015 from 10th to 20th September. 2015 has a beautiful balance, with great complexity of flavours and good structure.’ LAURENT CHAMPS VILMART WINE MAKER