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This device utilises a needle and gas to allow you to extract a glass of wine without actually opening the bottle. The idea at it's purest is that you can drink fine wine on your own time. The inert atmosphere means that the wine that remains in the bottle stays good. A staple of the wine trade here to show more expensive propositions to more people and reduce spoilage, the device has had huge success in the home drinking sphere in foreign markets. This is the entry level model, like most things, the price only goes up. VIEW VIDEO HERE. STSWine

Please contact directly if you have any further queries, we will leave you with the Coravin marketing department:

You love a glass of wine in the evening, and now you don't need to worry about drinking the entire bottle or limiting yourself to only one kind of wine - whether you're craving red or white (or both) Coravin gives you complete freedom to enjoy wine on your own terms. Utilizing proven Coravin technology and featuring a friendly and functional design, the Coravin Model One Wine System lets you pour wine effortlessly without removing the cork, so you can enjoy the rest of the bottle another day. Includes 2 Coravin Capsules to pour up to 30 glasses of wine. CORAVIN