The Red Station 6-Pack

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Tags: Austria, Blaufrankisch, Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti, Grenache, Italy, Mencia, Merlot, Monterrei, RIOJA, Sangiovese, Spain, Tempranillo, Wagram
Type: PACK
Outstanding Autumnal reds, low in tannin and alcohol, huge on depth, flavour & class.

We've got a Super-Tuscan from Italian giant Frescobaldi, their oddly bottles Cabernet Savignon from the Maremma is elegant but concentrated, with lovely dusty tannins. Cantina Innocenti Chianti from Colli Senesi is quite simply the ultimate pizza wine! Gran Cerdo Tinto is an ultra modern Rioja made from pure Tempranillo, but midweight with no oak or chamical, drink with or without food.

Principio Moristel is from the little known region of Somontano, this is a wild and moreish tasting wine with deeply pitched dark fruit. Peter Schweiger Weingut is a master prognosticator of the Austrian variety Zweigelt, a lighter, brighter fruit that goes great with a little chill - lovely intense acidity. Finishing with the old reliable that we just can't get enough of; the compulsive, juicy Cadre Cahors Marcel Malbec. STSWine