Domaine des Amiel Sous le Manteau 2018

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Red Wine /// Blend // languedoc / France
The vines are about 35 years old. Hand-picked grapes are already separated at the orchard. The wine is massaged with the skins and aged after alcoholic fermentation for 5 months in the biennial oak. Prior to bottling, 2015 Grenache juice is added to the juice to give the young wine a light aging and texture. The wine is filtered gently. The sulphite in the wine is very moderate. AMIEL

Wine from the Languedoc can run the risk of being flabby, generic, over extracted, over alcoholic, jammy, uninspiring or all of the above. These 2 brothers manage to capture the pure soul of the Languedoc. When they are done well, Languedoc wines can be buzzy, pure and satisfying. STSWine