Domaine Larue St. Aubin 1er Cru 'En Montceau' 2016

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White Wine /// Chardonnay // St. Aubin, Burgundy / France
In a Paris restaurant last year, I ordered a Saint-Aubin from Domaine Larue. There it was—my idea of what a Saint-Aubin should act like and what it should cost. I hope you are as charmed by their delicious Saint-Aubins as I am. KERMIT LYNCH

There is no planet on which €32 can be described as cheap, but in terms of value for money, this is nothing short of incredible. En Monteau is a little climat smack back in the middle of St. Aubins premier cru vineyaards. A little bit of altitude for a razor-sharp and focused acidic profile. It is pure, driven adn intense and makes you remember why you love White Burgundy. STSWine