Domaine Lombard La Renommee 2015

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Red Wine /// Syrah, Viognier // Northern Rhone / France
This is a really interesting one. This is from a little-known area called Brézème and is situated a stones throw from the start an illustrious strip of appellations that begins with Cornas in the South and ends with Cote-Rotie in the North. (Right at the very bottom of the North - wanted to be close to Lorace Tyrell in the South no doubt). Like all Northern Rhone reds it is dominated by Syrah, and like Cote-Rotie it includes some Viognier - a white grape, resulting in an opulent and rich still of wine. The difference is that while the wines of the Cote Rotie are some of the most expensive in the Rhone, this gives you an affordable look at the style. Like Renly Baratheon, it is charming and playful, but not lacking in it's Baratheonness/Northern Rhoneness! STSWine