Domaine Robert Denogent ‘Les Sardines’ 2017

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White Wine /// Chardonnay // Macon / France
Cool label. Already I wanna drink. This wine is drop dead gorgeous in every way. Denogent is one of the Maconnais’ most important and renowned producers, also one of the most expensive (this wine is his entry level wine). His wines are generally held in the same esteem as the producers of the Cote and he could lay claim to being the best in the Macon. Fallen orchard fruit, brioche, toasty goodness but with a fresh and up-front finish that verges on the saline side (maybe just because I’m looking at the label), this wine cuts to the core of what we are trying to prove. This is Macon, it’s not better than Puligny-Montrachet, but neither is it inferior. It is a different expression. A peer. A rival. A contender. AMAZING wine.