Domäne Wachau Gruner & Riesling 6-Pack

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Wachau is an awakening wine for many, certainly for me it was the wine that got me into Gruner and Austria. Since trying it first about 10 years ago, it has offered up quite ludicrous bang for buck across its range while also throwing up some of Austria's most compelling wines from their single site stuff. These are scintillating dry whites (and bone, bone dry they are). Also some of the best value on the planet for what they are.

The Selection Gruner is a bracing, complex dry white and a terrific intro to Austria's signature white Gruner Veltliner. The Terrassen wines are blends of their top single vineyard sites, perched high above the Danube River - a truly spectacular winery setting. The Terrasses Gruner demonstrates the Willy Wonk-like characteristic of good Gruner: re-appearing acidity! The Riesling is bone dry, with bell pepper and spice flavours, and some riper fruits on the lively palate. The finish is long, sinewy and comes with a nice phenolic edge.