Eric Bordelet Normandy Cider 750ml 6-Pack

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2 x Sidre Brut Apple / 2 x Poire Authentique
1 x Argelette 2019 / 1 x Poire Granit 2019

Known more as a cutting-edge cider maker, Eric Bordelet was a top sommelier at Arpege in Paris, before returning home to Normandy in 1992 to take over the family business. He biodynamically grows more than 20 apple varieties and 15 pear varieties. JASON WILSON, Vinous

Purity, perfect balance, a long finish, complex aromas…the ciders and perries of Eric Bordelet are just like wines. ANTOINE PETRUS, sommelier

Normandy makes the world's most incredible ciders, and Eric Bordelet is the greatest producer in Normandy. His ciders are biblical experiences.

He refers to his apple ciders as his red wines. The Sidre Brut is a classic dry cider, tender or mellow in the mouth, yet also lively with plenty of acidity and extremely refreshing. The Argelette is his
 'reserve' apple cider. 20 varieties in the mix, this savoury cider has great depth and lots flavour. It's grippy on the finish thanks to the apple skins tannins and almost flinty, minerally. They are amazing.
He refers to his pear ciders as his white wines. His Poire Authentique is biodynamic, slightly off-dry, traditional French sparkling Perry. Made traditionally from old orchards that have never been sprayed, this is laced with a keen backbone of acidity with great depth and complexity on the palate. Awesome food wine, I mean, cider. The very slight sweetness is decadent. His 'reserve' bottling is made from pear trees estimated to be about 300 years old, this is a stunning off-dry cider - yet it doesn't taste particularly sweet. This is due to the tannin and acidity which Bordelet says is twice as high as the apple. This is a delicious aperitif or cheese wine - pure pear tones wrapped in a fine bubble with a lively mineral line. With just 5% alc. this can be enjoyed anytime. STSWine