Fredi Torres Superstar DJ 6-Pack

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Tags: Carignan, Grenache, Macabeo, Priorat, Trepat
Type: PACK

Fredi Torres embodies modern wine better than almost anyone in the game. He worked for Nike for years, then he was a full time touring DJ. He drank a Cheval Blanc and literally took a vow of poverty to dedicate himself to wine. He now works across several appellations in Spain, crafting authentic and pure wines that allow the fruit and soul of the grape speak, rather than the winemaking and oak. This 6er showcases 3 wildly different wines (2 of each).

Pomagrana Trepat brings delicious, compulsive drinking to a new level. Naturally made, he throws a bit of Garnacha at it for extra drinkability. Open this, if theres anything left in 30 minutes theres a problem. Lectores Vini Classic Priorat 2018 is a more robust style from Spain's other DOC region along with Rioja (the top of the classification). In an appellation that can be known to over-oak, over-extract and over-alcohol their reds, this is a breath of fresh air, lighter but still concentrated and stunningly pure. Lastly, Velles Vinyes del Mediterrani is a STUNNING white made from Macabeo and Garnacha. Old vines with a stylish use of oak and a thunderbolt of acidity results in a wine that is heavily layered with multiple flavours that evolves in the glass and seems to show a creamy smokiness, underpinned by freshness. One of the best whites we have tried this year. STSWine