Hollowleg Alcohol Free Mixed 6-Pack

- 12%
  • €68,00
  • €78,00



6-Pack includes:
2 x Albarino (white)
2 x Cabernet (red)
1 x Sparkling Albarino (fizz)
1 x Rosé (rose spritz)

Finally an alcohol free wine that doesn't taste like s@%t and/or is full of sugar and is as costly as a good bottle!

Introducing HOLLOWLEG, made by the genius behind STSWine favourite Morro o Conto 'Happy Go Lucky' Albarino, containing ONLY 6 CALORIES PER LARGE GLASS and tasting deadly.

The wines are all dry, balanced and refreshing, they go with food or without. The Albarino is dry and refreshing, with great Albarino character, the Cabernet is savoury and juicy with a twist of spice giving it weight, thius could go with your Sunday roast as well as an oaked 15%er. The Sparkling Albarino is racy and buzzy, with a great mousse - an awesome bit of fizz. The Rosé has a gentler spritz that opens a different spectrum of flavour.

These are just fantastic to have on hand whether you are dry januarying or not. Open late at night, before you gotta drive, or if you just want to behave, and remember; at only 6 calories per glass, your smugness at being a paragon of virtue remains intact! STSWine