Mencia Madness 6-Pack

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Tags: abv14%, Bierzo, Mencia, Ribeira Sacra
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Mencía (pronounced Men-thee-ah) is one of the great reds of Galicia, the North Western quadrant of Spain often referred to as Green Spain. Mencía is a bit of a chameleon, capable of producing a spectrum of styles, from light, bright and crunchy, to deep, dark and inky. It is always redolent and moorish, and we have 6 of the best available on these shores.
Bierzo is the spiritual home of Mecia and we have 3 from this famous region; La Nave Casa Aurora is part of the Lively Wines range by German Blanco that have been popular with STSWiners for some time, it is ultra clean and gluggable. Descendientes de Palacios 'Petalos' is by the master of Spanish wine Alvaro Palacios and it is regularly cited as pound for pound one of the best value wines on the planet. Ultreia St. Jacques is by Raul Perez, without a doubt, the wine maker of the moment in Spain or abroad.

Riberia Sacra has some of the most breathtaking vineyards in the world, on steep terraces like the Mosel in Germany. Pedro Rodríguez of Guimaro managed to capture electrifying acidity in his Mencia. From Monterrei, Quinta de Muradella Candea Tinto is Mencia with some other indigenous varieties; Garnacha, Mouratón and Arauxa, it is elegant and lively. Finishing with an old school example from Via Arxentea, 100% old vine Mencia, it is concentrated and inky.