Noix De La St. Jean Aperitif

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We are excited about this range of products from Distillery de Provence, that will allow us to have a home cocktail bar, with delicious and flavourful, low alcohol cocktails.

The distillery is based in Forcalquier, in the Haute Provence region in the South East of France, it's famous for the quiality and diversity of its botanicals. Founded in 1898, the core activity of the distillery has always been the maceration and distillation of fruits and botanicals, following traditional French and Provencal recipes. 

NOIX DE LA ST. JEAN is an infusion of green nuts, obtained by maceration of fresh nuts collected according to the tradition on St. John's day (the origin of the name of this aperitif). The nuts are crushed in an old arm crusher then placed to macerate in a mixture of wine and alcohol for 6 to 12 days in order to extract all of the aromatic part of the fruit.

A maceration of spices (cinnamon, cloves, peppers, nutmeg) is made fifteen days before the final product is created.

After macerations end, green nut infusion, nut stain infusion and infusion of aromatics are drawn out and added to the apperitif. The fruit or spices, still penetrated with alcohol and flavors, are distilled in our still in order to remove the spirit.

The infusions, spirits and flavors are mixed into the wine, sugar and alcohol to make the Noix de la Saint Jean. Then, to wait 5 to 6 months in order to drink our aperitif.

After opening, it can be stored at a temperature 25 degrees for one year, shelf life 5 years.