Péter Vida Hungarian 6-Pack

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3 x Petit Bonsai
1 x Hidapetre, Bikaver & La Vida
"I simply love visiting our vineyards. Living and marveling at nature every day. I often notice that it is simply a good feeling to crumble the grapes by hand" - Péter Vida

We were so impressed with this icon Hungarian producer. His wines are so utterly well made, showcasing immense balance, beautiful acid profiles and stunning aromatics. As you move up through the gears the wines intensify and also grow more robust. 

'Petit Bonsai' is made from Kadarka and is just utter delicious drinking pleasure. It is light but with a good fruit core, and an abundance of floral aromatics and charm - good to consume any time with anything! 'Hidaspetre' is a single vineayard Kekfrankos, this dials up the concentration and power, but keeps the trademark elegance. 'Bikaver' is Kekfrankas & Kadarka with some international varieties added to the blend, a serious wine with brooding intensity and braun. 'La Vida' is their top wine and it would give the better wines of Pomerol a run for their money, Merlot led with a host of other varieties - this is your special occasion wine. STSWine